In 1985 a small group of pastors and their wives began meeting monthly with Olen and Syble Griffing (pictured right), Senior Pastors at Shady Grove Church. It developed into a monthly gathering whose emphasis was on building relationships. Very deep ministry took place within the hearts of these pastors as they became transparent in sharing their personal lives, praying for one another, and encouraging those in need.

Desiring to be more effective in serving the pastors and churches, Pastor Olen in 1995 gave more definition to the group, calling it “Shady Grove Fellowship of Churches and Ministers,” or FCM for short. With this new structure many new churches became part of the fellowship.

Feeling that the original name better identified us, the name was changed back to Antioch Oasis in 1999. Since many churches in other nations looked to Pastor Olen as their spiritual leader, the word “International” was also added to give it global meaning.

With so many pastors looking to him as their “pastor,” and with many churches desiring his input, Olen began to answer the call God had placed on his life to be an apostle. Our perspective now is that all the churches, pastors, and ministry leaders together form the network that is the covering for one another. Our desire is that every pastor takes ownership of A. O. I. and has input into its direction.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to extend the Kingdom of God through a relational network of churches and ministries.


AOI is a relational network that offers covering and support to pastors and ministers and desires to see them encouraged, strengthened, and established in their calling.


Our purpose as a relating and resourcing network of churches and ministers is –

• To build committed relationships,

• To share resources and giftings.

• To offer spiritual covering

• To partner with you to fulfill the Great Commission, both here and abroad.

Core Values

Apostolic Order

Covenant Relationships

The Manifest Presence of God

Missions Here and Abroad