We have been part of AOI from the very beginning. We have watched it grow through the years. The one word that best sums up AOI for me is "heart." Olen and Syble Griffing are the heart of AOI. And if you know Pastor Olen, you know he has a heart after God. Pastor Olen encounters the presence of God in worship and his life flows from his personal encounters. His heart after God encouraged me to a deeper place in worship. His love for people, especially pastors, displays the love of God to all of us in AOI. The presence of God at the meetings, the love of Olen and Syble, and the relationships we have made with the members keeps us coming. We love the sweet fellowship.

- Dr. Gary and Wanda Stewart, Plano, Texas

When I think of AOI I think connection to the heart of spiritual fathers who strongly desire to see relationship established through networking  together in the ministry of love, mentor-ship, sharing of resources & prayer support; supplying oversight through a strong relational exchange motivated by establishing a presence centered environment in   everything that is accomplished to advance the Kingdom of God and   elevate the purpose in the lives of each & every person desiring such connection. I for one have been impacted the most by having Pastor Olen Griffing as a spiritual father, mentor, confidant, and very close friend. His unconditional love & support has radically changed our lives & promoted us in the realm of spiritual growth and sustaining our calling to pioneer a move of God in our region!

- Randall Manning
Senior Leader/Rock Fellowship Church
Midland, TX

We are part of AOI for three main reasons. The first reason is because of relationships. Our relationships there have deep roots going back for decades.

The second reason is that we desire to be under a spiritual covering for the purposes of accountability and apostolic oversight. We are a non-denominational church, so I like being able to tell our people that we are not just doing our own thing with no accountability or covering. I love being able to say that I too have a pastor. Pastor Olen is a true apostle: a father in the faith and a pastor to pastors. We have had numerous occasions throughout the history of our church where we have had to call on Pastor Olen for counsel or mediation. He has always handled every situation with wisdom, compassion and prophetic insight.

The third reason we are part of AOI is because of the anointed preaching and prophetic ministry teams they provide for our church.

I truly believe our church would not be where it is today without AOI. I recommend the AOI network without reservations!

- Pastor Joe Oakley
Grace Fellowship Church

My relationship with Olen Griffing and the AOI Network goes back to 1987. I was a struggling young pastor trying to make the transition from a denominational structure to a spirit-filled, charismatic walk. Brother Olen and the other AOI pastors took my wife and me in, loved us, put up with us, and introduced us to the things of the Spirit. At one low financial point, they even helped us pay our bills!

As part of our process, God placed us in the pews at Shady Grove Church. We went through First Principles, Presbytery, 2 of our children graduated from Shady Grove Academy, and we got back on track to pastor again. After 4 years of spiritual soaking, I was sent back out into the ministry to pastor the church I currently pastor. The AOI influence continues as we participate in conferences and AOI pastors visit Cornerstone and minister to our church. I love my association with AOI and look forward to seeing God do great things through our relationship.

- Dick Metz, Pastor
Cornerstone Fellowship Church
Baton Rouge, Louisiana